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What is the Y Scrapstore?

The Y Scrapstore takes re-usable, safe, clean waste products and re-distributes it to the wider community. The Scrapstore is part of Y Services, a charity with the purpose of providing and supporting youth work opportunities and developing skills within the community.

Who can use the Y Scrapstore?

Our membership is open to community groups, nurseries, residential care homes, youth groups, theatres, festival/charity event organisers, play groups, preschool groups, after school clubs, parent/toddler groups, community centres, schools, colleges, individuals and voluntary organisations.
Whether you’re looking for materials to inspire a craft club activity or are searching for specific low-cost materials in large quantities, The Y Scrapstore make a great resource.

What materials might you find?

The Y Scrapstore operates by distributing surplus or waste materials from local businesses, so it varies from week to week as what has been donated. That means you can find anything from fabric offcuts to tennis balls, sheets of paper and cardboard rolls. Many high-end companies donate materials, for example fabrics and leather offcuts.

How much does it cost groups to join?

The Y Scrapstore charges a yearly subscription fee to organisations and charity groups to be able to access the materials. The rates are based on the size of your organisation. The membership fees help the charity to cover the costs of the scrapstore building, deliver training and learning opportunities to young people and support the delivery of free play ranger activities in the community. For details of membership fees, please email directly to the scrapstore.

Donating to the Y Scrapstore

If you have clean waste materials that you would like to donate then we would love to hear from you. The items can be collected on a monthly basis or dropped off to the Y Scrapstore at a mutually agreeable time – please email to arrange.  Please remember we will only take clean items as these are redistributed for children’s groups. We are unable to accept any hazardous waste.

For more information email tel 07585 115022

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