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How do I make a referral?

Y Services requires a completed referral form. To help us with the process it is really important to gain the consent of the young person you are referring and also the parent/carer. This is crucial around sensitive matters for example a referral being  made to the LGBT+ Youth Support Project for 121 support. Please be sensitive and consider the young persons needs. Are they ‘out’ to their parents? If they aren’t, please don’t make the contact through the parent, especially if the young person does not want their parents to know that they are seeking support with their sexuality or gender identity.

Please send the completed referral to the dedicated email address You can find a pdf copy of the referral form to download here. If you are having problems accessing the referral process on our website please email who can send you a word document version.

What can I expect from the referral process?

A Y Services member of staff may contact you for further information as they may need to arrange the initial meeting through you. If not they will contact the young person/their family directly as appropriate.

The member of staff assigned to take on the referral will provide you with an update of the agreed support plan (consent to share information dependant)

After we have worked with the young person for an agreed intervention. We would ask that you provide us with some feedback. You can find our Comments Compliments and Complaints form here  or a separate more targeted feedback form designed for 121 work here.

How long will Y Services work with young people I have referred on a 121 basis?

After an initial assessment it might not be appropriate for us to continue to work with the young person. Everyone is an individual and our 121 support is bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of the young person.

For some young people we can offer a 6 – 8 session intervention which may run weekly or biweekly dependant on the member of staffs workload, case load, waiting list and needs of the young person. For some young people the need will be for more longer term regular support, this will be discussed, agreed and reviewed with the young person and the referrer as appropriate.

We might signpost the young person to another Y Services project who is better suited to meet the young people needs. For example a health and wellbeing drop in, LGBT+ Youth Support Project, Open Access Youth Provision.

Will there be a cost involved?

This depends on if the service has been commissioned or funded by a grant making organisation for Y Services to carry out the work. If the service is not commissioned Y Services requires that the referring agency is able to cover the cost of the agreed intervention. This would include an hourly rate, travel expenses and resources as appropriate. Where possible and ideally we would like to offer all of our services as free at point of contact, but in some circumstances this is not possible, and a charge will need to be made by invoice.